ForexChartistry Affiliate Program


Dear Friend,


Thank you for your interest in the ForexChartistry affiliate program.


As the 3rd release of our line of trading tool solutions product, we are pleased to share this opportunity to work with you to push this exciting and great tool solution to other traders whom might benefit from it.



What you need to know when choosing to market ForexChartistry (FC):


- 30% of the $227USD (FC Full Version) or $68** will be commissioned to you for each sale (**Payment processor to draw a small % as transaction fee)


- You need to have a Paypal account, so that approved commissions can be credited to your account.


- Commissions made from your sales will be of pending status as all of our products have a 60-Day money back guarantee from the point of sale.

So your commission of that sale will only be realized after the 60-day period where there is no refund of that sale made.


- Commissions are paid out at the 15th of every month with the following condition that you have to accumulate at least $100 in approved commissions in your affiliate account.

Which means that if a particular month your total approved commission is only $90, your commissions will be on hold until you hit at least a $100 and the entire commission sum balance will be sent to your Paypal account on the 15th of the following month.


- Your first 5 sales will be at 30% commission of the sale. Subsequently any sales made thereafter, you will receive 35% commission of the sale.




Here is the link to sign up as an affiliate for ForexChartistry:


Sign Me Up!


(Remember to keep your login details for access to your affiliate page after registration)

(Also do read the first email sent to your inbox when you sign up, it consists all the details you need to know about the affiliate program.)


If you have any queries, feel free to drop us a support ticket at:


Support Helpdesk







Your Forex Success With Passion,

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Warren Seah and ForexChartistry Team

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