What is Expert Advisor (EA)?

Expert Advisor is an automated robotic script written in MQ4 language that can work in the Metatrader4 platform and make trades for you!



Why are we selling System? Do you use it yourself?

First of all I am only making a limited amount of copies available; once they are gone then I’m afraid this site will be closed. We use it every day! System is new to the public. We want to show EVERYONE that Forex Chartistry charting package provides the best technical charting tool for forex trader . We want the word to spread out as much as possible and to create a great brand for System.



What happens if I lose power to my computer for a short period of time?

You will start Metatrader account again. All trade managed by System will remain unchanged and you aren’t required to do anything. If System has stopped for whatever reasons, a window will pop up alerting you. You can simply drag/drop System into the chart to start managing your trades again. Make sure that this parameter "Name of Trade" is the same as the previous attached FGS.



What is Metatrader 4?

Metatrader 4 is a trading platform where you get live price feeds, news and other features like indicators and plotting tools. Metatrader 5 is currently in the works right now.



What is Forex Chartistry?

Forex Chartistry charting package comprises of specialized charts that track price action and market moving sideways consolidating will not be displayed on the chart.  The charts consist of Price break chart, renko chart, kagi chart and point and figure chart.

They focus on important price movements and remove the time aspect from the charting analysis. One of the key benefit is that it make support resistance levels and chart patterns much easier to identify on the chart compared to on normal bar and candle charts.

As a result, trading signals generated from price action charts have higher probability to become winning trades that those generated from normal bar and candle charts.



Will I have 100% winning trades using Forex Chartistry?

No, you can’t have 100% winning trades. Forex is a volatile market, and like any other markets, this one is unpredictable too. To survive in trading, it is about getting the odds in your favour to increase the chances for a winning trade.

When you use the charts to perform technical analysis, having the overall market direction in mind will easily help you to generate high probability winning signals. This will increase your chances of achieving high win rate for all of your trades. With proper risk management, a 50% - 70% win rate is achievable trading with price action charts.



Do you guarantee profits?

No, by law, we are not allowed to guarantee profits. But we are giving you Iron Clad 60 day Money Back guarantee. If at any time within 60 days, you feel system is not up to your satisfaction, you are free to claim the refund, and every single penny gets refunded, no questions asked.



Will Forex Chartistry™ Stop Working In The Future?

The principles Forex Chartistry™ are based on supply and demands in Forex market (and any market). The charts have been developed to work in each and every market condition.

As long as there are traders buying and selling, human emotions will present itself and show it on the charts, then Forex Chartistry™ will be able to identify these signals and will continue to work in the future.



I’ve tried other systems before and they never work... what makes this one different?

A: Me too. Many of the systems out there are incapable of trading successfully on real live markets. Small traders’ profits have been particularly badly hit in the last 12 months. Whilst most systems simply haven’t addressed the important changes occurring in the Forex world, Forex Chartistry has been specifically designed to tackle and conquer ALL of those problems.



Ok, what if I am not able to understand or am stuck?

I have devoted special attention to make system as simple as possible to use. Each component of the charts is explained thoroughly so you will understand how the chart works and run in the live market environment.


Having the understanding of how the chart works, this is how you can trade with no worry and full confidence. If you are still having trouble setting up the indicators or having any questions, you can contact the support and we will attempt to your question within 24 hours.



Q: Does this have anything to do with Candlestick patterns?

A: Although candlestick patterns are great signals for trading, I think their greatness will only manifest to its greatness by way of trading them on price action charts.

We advocate that if you are already trading with candlestick patterns, we will promise that your performance will improve further if you incorporate candlestick patterns on Forex Chartistry.

The nature of price action charts remove insignificant price movement and only focus on the important movement. This characteristic makes it the best environment to study genuine candlestick chart patterns.

Candlestick patterns that appear on Forex Chartistry will deliver a much higher probable winning trade than in normal candle or bar chart.



Can I use Forex Chartistry in the demo accounts ?

Yes. It can be used with unlimited demo accounts. We suggest that system should first be used in a demo account to familiarize how Forex Chartistry displays market data. For first time user, it is important that you take time to get used to these charts as they display data differently from normal charts.

It is a good habit to always demo trade any system on Forex Chartistry for a period of 2- 3 months before you trade on a live account.



What is my order of 1 license entitled to?

1 license is entitled to usage on 1 trading live account and unlimited usage on any demo accounts (applies for expert advisor only). For chart indicators, it can be used on unlimited demo and live accounts.

For any reason you will like to use the expert advisors on a new live account, log into members area and change the live account number to the new account number. The change of live account effect will be instant and you can use system on the new account. 



Does System have monthly subscription fees?

No. This is a one-time payment, you will never be charged again. This one time charge may subject to change.



Can I run several Forex Chartistry software at the same time?

Sure. You can run unlimited chart indicators on many demo accounts and live accounts at any one time. Usage of expert advisors are limited to just 1 live account to prevent software piracy.

If you wish to use Forex Chartistry expert advisors in more than 1 live account concurrently at the same time, it is required to purchase additional licenses.

Contact Support to Acquire Additional License




How do I ensure that Forex Chartistry is managing my trades?

A smiley should be found on the top right corner of currency chart indicating that usage of Trade Automator expert advisor is turned on. Next, you should ensure that the

This should ensure that Trade Automator is running in the background awaiting an incoming trade entry or managing trades for you. Do ensure also that the lines drawn have their trade parameters correctly defined in their line description. Thereby, these steps should ensure that Forex Chartistry is running to execute trade entry and exit.



Can I adjust parameters of the Forex Chartistry?

Charts on Forex Chartistry are developed such that most user are free to alter and make adjustments to any parameter of their choice. Each of the charts is open and allow user to personalize based on one’s trading needs.



Is this complicated to setup with my current metatrader account?

Absolutely not! It is simple to drag/drop the Expert Adviser into your Metatrader account. Our clients usually import and start playing with it few minutes after downloading it. And you can too.

Next, you could just perform the usual technical charting analysis by drawing trend lines. Usage of Trade Automator expert advisor will allow the same set of trend lines that you drew in the first place become exact entries and exit levels.

This will mean that each of this spots that contain the trend lines will become actual entry or exit points if market price ever touches these levels. All of these features can be set up in under 15 minutes, and leave it for the software to manage trade entries and exit automatically.

Chart indicators works the same way as Trade Automator expert advisor. Drag the indicator onto the chart, insert your parameters and start analyzing the forex market.



Can I use the indicators and expert advisor on commodities, metals, index or cfs?

Absolutely! Forex Chartistry chart indicators and expert advisor are designed to work in the Meta Trader 4 trading platform. Any counters or trading charts made available in Meta Trader software are perfectly suited to work along with system charts and expert advisors.

Hence, you can trade metals, commodities , global index or cfds with system.



So is Forex Chartistry completely hands-free?

Market analysis has to be performed by yourself. Next, you determine the current market trend from Forex Chartistry charting package. Select the price action charts that you want to view market data, pre-determined the bias based on the chart that you read.

Finally, determine the entries and exit levels by using the expert advisor included in the package to automate trade entries and exits.

Forex Chartistry will only be totally hands-free after you have drawn the trend lines and attach trade automator expert advisor into the chart and remove the “VOID” from all signal line. From then onwards, System will take care of all your trade entries and exits.

We recommend that you should spend at least 15 minutes a day at your computer screen to perform your own market analysis and to adjust system settings to suit your day’s needs. Trade Automator will automate your daily tasks thereafter.



What about using Forex Chartistry with different brokers?

You can use Forex Chartistry with different brokers only if your broker has its services used on the Metatrader platform. A good advice is to always test it out on your broker's demo account first before going live.



Can Forex Chartistry work with 4th and 5th decimal brokers?

Yes, Forex Chartistry can work with 4th and 5th decimal brokers. The functionality remains exactly the same. In circumstances where amount of pips must be specified, it should state 50 pips to be “50” (same value for both 4th and 5th decimal broker).

Forex Chartistry is programmed to recognise the type of brokers and execute the instruction accordingly. Thus, system will take care of it.



What about using Forex Chartistry with ECN brokers?

System is ECN environment ready and compatible with most ECN brokers using Metatrader 4 platform. A good advice is to always test it out on your broker's demo account first before going live.



Will Forex Chartistry have any future updates?

Yes. We are always looking for new ways to utilise improve our chart indicators and expert advisor features.  Future updates of Software will be delivered to you and the best thing is that they are available to our paid members for free!



Will Forex Chartistry work in future Metatrader platform versions?

Yes. We will be updating our System software accordingly to the latest Metatrader platform version so that you can use it.



If I lost the download files and product key, can I retrieve back?

Yes, absolutely! You could contact support with your order receipt number and we will retrieve all necessary data for you at zero cost. We safe keep all customer information and only reveal them upon verification with customer’s registered email. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems at the url below:




What if I am not happy with Forex Chartistry?

From the moment you purchased Forex Chartistry, your investment is protected by our 60 day, Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee — that's a full 60 days trial! So if for some reason you decide that the system isn't really for you simply contact us and you will be supplied with a prompt and full refund.




Do you provide support?

We provide rapid email support and online ticketing to our members. You will find them in the member area. Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems at the url below:




Do you provide tutorials and instructions?

Sure, we have prepared tutorials for you and the Forex Chartistry User Manual. In addition to the basic help you need, we will provide you with the necessary Forex education through our Chart Tuning Guide where we will expose what every secret and feature behind Forex Chartistry!


More questions and answers will be added ...





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