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Exiting Trades

Mt4 Renko indicator can be used to exit a profitable trade. There are two common methods most people used. The first method is trailing stop loss with last N number of renko brick. The second method is by exiting the profitable trade if there is occurance of N number of opposite renko bricks.

Trade Patterns

Renko charts makes technical chart patterns like double top, head and shoulder and triangle patterns much easier to detect visually.

If you are already having success with trading such patterns on OHLC chart, then you will be enjoying even greater success on renko charts.

Renko Mt4 Parameters

renko mt4 indicator

The brick size will control the amount of pip per renko brick. Whether you are using a broker with 4th or 5th decimal, you should specify the same value in this field. 20 pip will still be 20 for a 5th decimal broker.

The rest of the parameters control the visual components of the renko chart.

There is a also a trading alert where it can set to true to alert you via email or simply a pop up box in times of trend change as detected by Mt4 renko chart.



What you will see on the Renko Mt4 Chart



renko metatrader chart

The Renko Mt4 chart you will download today works on a real time chart. If trading renko is what interests you, we encourage you to download the indicator today and have it installed in your Metatrader 4. You'll be surpise by how simple this indicator works and how much it will improve your foresight at trading the forex market.



Benefits of Using Renko Chart on Mt4:


  • They project hidden support and resistance lines
  • They project key breakout areas better
  • Noise is eliminated in renko chart
  • Renko charts have a longer history than OHLC charts.
  • Use by forex trading professionals and fund managers
  • Chart patterns are more easily detected in renko charts than OHLC chart
  • It displays much more data than OHLC charts-  less is more approach
  • It provides you an edge over forex traders who use OHLC charts




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31th May 2013

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